LED RGB Modular Strip - 14.10

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  • LED RGB Modular Strips - Linear LED Fixture
  • A Safe, Cost Effective Way to Back Light or Internally Light Graphics, or Uplight or Downlight an Area, With RGB LED Lighting
  • Designed to Internally Illuminate Light Boxes With Single or Changing Color as Thin as 2" Deep (Single or Double Sided)
  • LLLVMODRGBSTR3 Size: 0.56" Tall X 0.9" Wide X 8.74" L
  • LLLVMODRGBSTR5 Size: 0.56" Tall X 0.9" Wide X 14.10" L
  • 24V, Plug and Play Design Allows Up to 6 Long (5-Up) or 10 Short (3-Up) Fixtures to be Interconnected and Run Off of a Single 96W External Class II Power Supply. When Combining Long and Short Strips, Never Exceed More Than 30 Nodes Per 96W Power Supply
  • LLLVMODRGBSTR3: 8W / 120 Lumens (All Colors On)
  • LLLVMODRGBSTR5: 12W / 280 Lumens (All Colors On)
  • Connectors on Each End For Daisy Chaining Multiple Modules Together Using 2", 12" or 48" Bridge Cables
  • For Use With 24VDC Power Supply And RGB Controller (Both Sold Separately)
  • High Quality, RGB Leds With Custom Selected Lensing And Drivers Allows Light to Spread Evenly Without Hot Spots on Most Materials
  • No Exposed Solder Joints, Making For a More Durable Wire Connection
  • Directly Mount Strips to Aluminum Frame or Extrusion By Screwing In Place Through Pre-Drilled Holes Using M4 (4mm Or 5/32" Dia.) Screws. Do Not Attach With Hook & Loop Products or Double Sided Tape. Insulated Washers Are Attached To LED Modular Strip to Avoid Damaging Circuit Board When Installing
  • For Single or Double Sided Graphic Applications, Line The Internal Perimeter Of The Structure and Light Up to an 8' X 8' Graphic Evenly and Without Hot Spots
  • Ideal For Downlighting a Work Area or Header or Uplighting a Smaller Area As Well
  • The Entire Lighting System Is UL Listed